The world's first

stable transaction coin

HilkCoin is the world’s first free-floating cryptocurrency
with stable transactions and investment value.
It's like the money we use today - but better.

HILKCOIN in a nutshell

If the ideal money is a currency that can reliably and concurrently serve as a medium of exchange, a store of value, a unit of account AND provide investment value, then it seems HilkCoin has reached all the required attributes while providing for stablecoin functionality on a per-transaction basis.

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sold token
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Features that define HilkCoin

Self-funding Reserve

HilkCoin's self-funding, autonomous Reserve enables Stable Pay transactions by calibrating transactions to the IMF SDR rate.

Fiat tabanlı Masternodlar

HILK has redesigned masternodes to make it more fair for everyone. Anyone with 1,000 XDR (IMF SDR) worth of HILK coins is eligible to be a masternode operator.

Meritocratic Governance

HILK implements a merit-based governance model that follows after Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater idea meritocracy.

Self-funding Treasury

HILK is more than just a cryptocurrency. The HILK Treasury funds your ideas for making the world a better place.